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Shop online for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or other metal products. sells a variety of metal products. If you’re looking for metal suppliers online, then our site is the place for you. We can meet any of your metal supply needs—we serve commercial online metal supplies, industrial online metal supplies and even residential online metal supply needs. If you're interested in sheet metal, learn more about our sheet metal suppliers division.

Whether you need a single stainless steel tube or a large order of stainless steel tubes, stainless steel sheets or any other metal products and you want to order from metal suppliers online, then we have what you need—and at discount prices! See some examples of our metals in use.

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Besides being your best metal suppliers online option, we also offer a variety of metal processing services:

Sheet shearing; Plate Shearing; Saw cutting; Mitering; Punching and Brake Work; Oxyfuel; Plasma or Laser Burning.

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Expanded Metals

This multi-purpose metal product is excellent for flooring, enclosures or any application where visibility is necessary, yet with the strength and durability of metal..

  • Flat, Raised or Grate X



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    We offer the following processing capabilities.

    • Sheet & Plate Shearing 3/8" x 12' Max.
    • Saw Cutting & Mitering 18"H x 24"W x Any Length
    • Punching & Brake Work
    • Oxyfuel, Plasma or Laser Burning

    Also Available: Abrasive Resisting Steel & T-1 Steel


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